'Boyfriend Dungeon' Is The Dating Game That Lets You Have Sex With Your Sword

Boyfriend Dungeon is a dungeon crawler dating simulator video game that lets you fuck the very weapons you find and equip. That’s right, currently, in the magically marvellous world of dating sims, you can smooch neighbourhood dads, pigeons in high school and monsters at prom, but now, as Junkee learned playing the game at E3, you can romance your sharp pointy blades, too. Finally, a game that truly lets me be horny on main.

'Link's Awakening' Is Officially The Weirdest Game In 'The Legend Of Zelda' Series

At E3 2019, we had the chance to play Nintendo’s remake of Link’s Awakening, reconfirming that this is absolutely the weirdest game in The Legend of Zelda series. Stranger than Link gaining a fursona. An end of days 72-hour time loop of the moon crashing into the planet? More bizarre than that. Even every single thing Tingle has done on this plane of existence has nothing on this. An Adorable Diorama World Of Wonder And Weird After being shipwrecked on a seemingly inescapable tropical island,

We Played 'Pokemon Sword And Shield's Water Gym And Walked Away Thirsty For More

At E3 2019, we got hands-on time with Pokemon Sword and Shield’s water gym and the new ability that lets you supersize your Pokepals. Why Is Every Gym Leader In Sword and Shield So Hot? We’ve met two of the Great Britain inspired Galar region’s gym leaders: Milo, the grass gym leader plant daddy twunk that can sprout his seed in me, and Nessa, the competitive swimwear-wearing water gym leader that can literally drown me. Set in Sword and Shield’s water gym, Junkee’s demo had me facing off aga

Keanu Reeves, Chaos, And Unsubtle Transphobia: We Spoke To the Creators Of 'Cyberpunk 2077'

At last year’s E3, CD Projekt Red described its next open-world role-playing game CyberPunk 2077 as an “epic, mature RPG.” Shortly after, media were shown an espionage rescue mission, infamously showing an excessive amount of gratuitous female nudity. But that’s all fine now, right? It’s got Keanu Reeves! Sadly, no amount of John Wick or satisfying gameplay can ignore that CyberPunk 2077‘s world has some problems.

The Answers To All Your Burning 'Marvel's Avengers' Questions

Announced at Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference, Marvel’s Avengers is a cinematic action-adventure game about our favourite caped, spandex and iron-cladded crusaders. Separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Cap and co are played by an all-star cast of voice actors instead of Hollywood’s goodest golden boy and friends – and their faces look like butts. Developed by the Tomb Raider reboot’s Crystal Dynamics and assisted by Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s Eidos Montreal, the core concept of th

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Preview: A more intimate and relatable drama

Life is Strange: Before the Storm looks to deliver a more intimate character-driven story about the power of teenage girls without the need of nuclear supernatural powers. The three-part prequel to the first season of Dontnod Entertainment’s narrative adventure strips the player of Max and her time travelling powers, having you take on the role of her blue-haired troubled best friend, Chloe.